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Caring has many dimensions. Your choice for eye care is more than just coming in for an appointment. Our team of ophthalmologists, optometrists, and opticians, backed by our highly trained nursing and office staff, is dedicated to providing you with an unmatched eye care experience… the kind of experience that shows you we care about you and your family.

Caring shines through in many ways. We take the time to find out what's new with your eyes and provide all the services you need — from your exam to obtaining glasses or contacts — under one roof. You will enjoy the full-circle attention you receive from all of us at LTF, drawing on the depth of our team expertise and multiple specialties to evaluate your needs and give you the thoughtful, personalized advice and treatment you deserve.

Caring is timeless. At LTF Eye Clinics, we want to get to know you and your family for a lifetime. As your family grows, and your own eye care needs change, you can count on us. Serving patients in Northwest Indiana for nearly three decades, we serve generations. We dedicate ourselves to your comfort, your well-being, and the kind of comprehensive eye care you can never outgrow.

Caring is comprehensive. Maybe your need is routine — such as your regular eye exam, eyeglasses, contact lenses, or monitoring your medical condition. Or maybe it is complex, such as cataract surgery, corneal disease, low vision, LASIK vision correction, or even an injury or emergency affecting your eye. If you haven't yet experienced the difference of our caring team, we invite you to contact us today for an appointment. We care for your eyes. Discover the difference!


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