Optimal vision for today´s world

 - without compromise


Protect your eyes from digital eye strain, in any choice of frame.


ZEISS Progressive Precision Plus.


PhotoFusion by ZEISS lenses offer excellent vision under all lighting conditions.


  • Relief from Digital Eye strain.
  • More comfortable digital device usage.
  • Compatible with virtually any frame shape or size.
  • Up to 40% wider fields of view.
  • Thin and lightweight for maximum comfort.


The moment you can choose any frame without compromising your vision.

ZEISS Progressive Precision Plus.

Get the vision your life demands, in the frame you prefer.


You expect your eyeglass lenses to give you clear vision for every distance and every activity, in the frames you want. But your vision needs have changed - digital devices place new demands on your vision that ordinary lenses don´t account for.


As a result, most people are now experiencing symptoms of Digital Eye Strain, including headaches, blurred vision, and tired eyes.

Digital Device viewing without the strain.

Digital screens tax our eyes like never before, and traditional lenses don´t account for this change in our visual behavior.

Enjoy clear, crisp vision in any frame.


Ordinary lenses often compromise your vision depending on the size and shape of your frame. That´s wny we individually design our optics based on both your prescription and the frame you choose.


ZEISS Precision Plus is designed for all of the visual demands of modern life. And because it is custom-designed for you based on your exact prescription and the shape of your frame, you´ll get the sharpest possible vision with up to 40% wider fields of view, in the frame you want.

SaaS provided by Digital Destination LLC & JMmago.com

SaaS provided by
Digital Destination LLC & JMmago.com